E-commerce & multichannel

The online trading phenomena that is less than a generation old has become the number one issue on the desk of retailers, brands, entrepreneurs, marketing companies and supply chain professionals. It is no wonder, take the mature markets of the US and Uk and see 25% of retail sales on line with an annual growth rate north of 20%.

The rise of multi-channel has also touched all consumer related sectors with a variety of attendant challenges.

  • Fresh food and grocery; fulfil from store or warehouse? How wide the range? How to control waste? How to fill a million orders a day on a time slot to suit.
  • Fashion and clothing; the natural replacement to catalogues but with the same issues of returns
  • DIY and Building; nuts and bolts, decorative, soft furnishings, garden and outdoors, building materials, kitchens and bathrooms; that can be seen as seven discrete channels
  • Electrical and computing; shorter life cycles, brand based marketing, price matching

The list goes on.

We have seen a number of issues related to this specialist industry:

  • The need to share inventory over multi-channels
  • Do the same DCs support, retail, e-commerce and wholesale
  • Separation of channels, post, parcel delivery, two man delivery, installation/specialist
  • High sku count, low stock
  • Integrating sales and fulfilment systems and processes
  • Delivery capability, capacity, new territories, regions
  • Click and collect
  • Virtual stock
  • To be able to service the market directly via retail outlets and e-commerce
  • Supply chain visibility and event management

Graphene Partners has a range of skills and experience to support

  1. Business Process Review
  2. Lean
  3. Benchmarking
  4. Event management and control tower
  5. Regional services, parts collection, consolidation and lineside delivery
  6. Message management, the rollout of forecasts to all suppliers
  7. Asset tracking