Graphene Partners and LLS announce partnership, offering class-leading warehouse automation solutions

Graphene Partners has entered into a strategic partnership with Robert Lubandy, founder and owner of Lubandy Logistics Services (LLS), to offer Clients across Europe a unique blend of Graphene Partners’ extensive operational knowledge and the LLS team’s two decades of warehouse automation design and delivery.

Warehouse automation solutions with LLS

Improving ROI, decreasing supply chain risk

Warehouse automation is becoming an increasingly important area of the supply chain, as many European countries experience warehouse labour shortages and associated double-digit annual wage inflation. Even on a purely financial basis, project ROI for many warehouse automation capital investments is now often under five years, and there are strong business continuity and risk mitigation arguments adding to the financial case for automation.

Expensive apples vs. overpriced pears

The traditional route taken by most companies involves attempting to define their automation needs, then organising an RFP to the major suppliers. This may seem an attractive option, as the suppliers will design a solution ‘for free’ as part of their pitch to win the business. However, the main downside for the Client is that, in most cases, solutions are not comparable with each other, which makes it difficult to select the optimum solution. And, as we all know, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”, and no such thing as a ‘free’ automation solution design – the suppliers’ solution design team costs are recouped through a significant buffer in their pricing.

How we can help with your warehouse automation project

After an introductory session to understand your business context and expectations from the automation project, we start by understanding your current and forecast warehouse flows, processes and stock profile. On this basis, we will quickly (usually within 1-2 weeks) produce a small number of high-level design options, commenting the pros and cons of each, and helping you decide which is best for your business. This will also be the point where we will tell you if the automation project will not pay back in any reasonable timeframe, saving you time and money.

Once the decision is taken to proceed with and the high-level solution has been selected, we will design a highly detailed RFP (request for proposal), which already contains all of the information required for the suppliers to quote directly. In this way, we avoid ‘apples and pears’ (proposals which cannot be compared). Due to our extensive industry experience, we know the suppliers’ actual cost base and will help you strip out the price buffer, saving you several hundred thousand euros or more. The ROI from our fees is immediate – as soon as you select the provider you will have saved several times our advisory fees.

Strategy is nothing without execution…

…and our teams will be with you every step of the way, from solution design, through tender design, supplier selection and negotiations, contracting, to the commissioning and start-up of the equipment and training of your warehouse staff. Many other advisory firms will propose a solution then leave you to implement. We know the biggest challenge lies in executing perfectly in a chaotic environment, where everyone is working on multiple projects and no-one has enough time. When working with us, your team will have a trusted and experienced partner on board from start to successful finish.


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