Logistics process improvement & operational turnarounds

Cost and service are the key measures of your success. Whether you know you have issues in either area, or are just unsure whether you are operating best or even good practice, our experienced practitioners can provide a quick and cost effective solution.

With over 100 years of hands on logistics management under their belt, our team can assess the status of your warehouse, transport or inventory related operations, against our best practice benchmarks within a short period of time. Through observation and data interrogation we can identify the root causes of under-performance and apply our experience and problem-solving approach to your logistics process improvement. As a result, we will not recommend anything that we have not used before successfully. Working with our clients, we will construct the logistics process improvement steps required to implement the changes, taking into consideration the potential need for capital, systems or human investment. At the same, we always expect to deliver quick wins in existing operations, and will only recommend logistics process improvement spend with clear payback.

On the people side, we have managed thousands of logistics managers and staff, both warehouse and transport related. We understand what makes them tick, from leadership, organisation to incentives. We can provide appropriate skills and change management training if required, as we recognise that without the right team, appropriately motivated, no process improvement initiative will ever fully succeed and stick.

In cases where you are already operating to a high standard but aspire to more we can help to get to best practice. Our operational experience includes the design, implementation, operation and improvement for many of the world’s most exacting clients and utilise many of the principles that we have learned from Lean that reinforce good practice we have used for 35 years. We have also experienced implementation of new technologies, new ideas, and systems that might make a difference but we are wary of pioneering.