Pharma & life sciences

The pharmaceutical and associated industries are closely identified with two strategic issues, long-term and expensive product development and regulation. These are the known constraints that the industry is organised to afford through the use of patents, strong margins and a hungry consumer looking for ever quicker remedies. However, the need to operate within tight quality limits for the required cost means that the industry needs high class and trusted supply chain and logistics practices.

There are issues of counterfeiting, risks of contamination and the need for confidentiality that all have to be considered in establishing a supply chain and logistics service. There are conflicts in strategy with the location of production based on cost, regulation and workforce availability sometimes producing longer and riskier supply chains to market.

Like other industries there are issues of inventory, sourcing, forecasting and final distribution. However the regulatory framework with the need for traceability, quality control from end to end, security and shelf-life adds a level of complication that reduces the size of the logistics market available to the industry. The industry does use a large distributor / wholesaler route to market. There are opportunities for logistics companies to develop services for this industry.

We have seen a number of issues related to this specialist industry:

  • Traceability and tracking to unit level globally
  • Temperature sensitive products travelling long distances in large and small quantities
  • Variation in services and service quality by trade lane
  • To be able to service the market directly
  • Supply chain visibility and event management
  • Contract packing, for regions, territories as well as for whole products

Graphene Partners has a range of skills and experience to support

  1. Business Process Review
  2. Lean
  3. Benchmarking
  4. Event management and control tower
  5. Regional services, parts collection, consolidation and lineside delivery
  6. Message management, the rollout of forecasts to all suppliers
  7. Asset tracking