Private equity & venture capital

We usually engage with PE/VC Clients in one of three scenarios:

  • The fund is unsatisfied with a portfolio company’s performance and requests us to assess how the supply chain can be optimised
  • We are mandated to perform operational/business due diligence on a logistics industry M&A deal
  • We are requested to assess the supply chain impact of a bolt-on acquisition to a fund’s existing portfolio company

In each of these contexts, our Clients have repeatedly commented that Graphene Partners’ operational industry experience allows us to deliver results which strategy consultants cannot match, in terms of detail and implementation value. Just as there are professional advisors specialising in legal and financial due diligence, our Clients appreciate the value of engaging hands-on specialists to “get dirty” when assessing tactical operational aspects of a target company’s business.

When assessing a logistics industry M&A deal, we will not only provide Clients with the relevant background data, facts and insight to support a decision, but will also comment on whether we would enter into this deal ourselves. Since our background is industry-based, we have faced many similar investment decisions ourselves and are well-placed to provide relevant commentary, answering the questions which many a strategic consultant will not know should be asked.

We regularly work with some of the world’s largest PE and VC funds. Contact us to find out how we can help you.