Graphene Partners publishes white paper on risk in logistics contracts

Transport Intelligence, a leading independent source of research and analysis for the European logistics market today published a white paper by Adam Chazanow, Managing Partner of Graphene Partners, on risk in outsourced logistics contracts.

Access the white paper here


Roger Johnson offers a fascinating insight into military logistics project management

“The line between disorder and order lies in logistics…” (Sun Tzu)

A logistics project manager faces many challenges in the successful completion of their assigned tasks. The basic elements of these challenges are the same, whether the stage of performance is in a conflict zone or a commercial business environment. A solid foundation for logistics project management should include: a full understanding of operating requirements, thorough planning, clear and timely communications, effective management of people and resources, optimization of transportation, and inclusion of contingency awareness. The goal is to create order out of disorder.

Roger Johnson, member of Graphene Partners Advisory Board and US Army logistics officer, offers a fascinating insight into military logistics project management.

Access the white paper here