Warehouse Design & Automation

UPDATE: Read more about our partnership with LLS – offering class-leading warehouse automation design and delivery

The need to ask for expert help during warehouse design and/or layout might result from a clear decision of the need for new for reasons of volume or location, or it might be that you feel the current operation can be improved from a capacity, productivity or cost perspective. Having designed and or operated over 100 warehouses our team of experts can work with you to produce the right solution.

Our skills include green-field design of the whole building and site, interior layout of existing empty buildings and re-work or operational warehouses.

Our experience covers all sectors, from frozen and fresh food through packaged consumer goods, automotive to industrial and e-commerce we will bring design and operational expertise to the process. We would not design something we could not operate ourselves.


Ensuring your warehouse design supports your business

During warehouse design, key considerations would typically be:

  • Capacity, both to store inventory and process goods through
    • So we will analyse your data, consider the growth plans, look for efficiencies
    • We will consider future growth and how best to prepare for that
  • Flow of the product through the building
    • Potential variety of process, whether for temperature, product characteristics or order size and type
  • Cost, we believe that efficiency can be engineered into the design
    • Providing flexibility as required, for seasonality, growth, new products
    • Process design
  • WMS, warehouse management systems and aids
    • Scanners, Voice, Tablet/PDA
  • Handling equipment
    • Appropriate mechanical handling
    • Lifting trucks, moving trucks or conveyors, picking trucks or picking solutions

The output can include, detailed layouts, picking and storage areas, rack design, intake and despatch flows, ancillary areas, and much more. Where appropriate, we will calculate labour requirements, mechanical handling needs and recommend a best solution, or design a small parts picking operation. In addition we will provide an implementation plan and project management of that as required.arts picking operation. In addition we will provide an implementation plan and project management of that as required.

Where productivity improvement is the key concern we will identify the issue, whether capacity, productivity or process and design the solution. If implementation or project management of the recommended changes is required the design team can help there as well.


External factors to be considered

However in the process there are choices so our approach is collaborative and typically will consider and cost a range of solutions so that other considerations can be taken into the decision. Such considerations could be:

  • Market maturity in different countries, access to management skills
  • Cost benefit of automation or highly mechanised solutions
  • Associated IT costs
  • Labour availability