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One of our most frequently requested areas of support is the management of logistics tenders. Here, a transparent and reliable selection process combined with strong change management is a critical success factor.

Most of our team has worked for leading 3PLs in senior managerial and analytical roles. This practical experience allows an in-depth understanding of what lies behind the proposals and promises of the bidders. With the experience of over 100 logistics tenders worth billions of euros, we are highly proficient and have developed an innovative process and tools.

We support our clients from an early stage to the very end of the tender process. However, in most cases, this is not the end of the journey – the “real” work starts the same moment when our client and selected 3PL shake hands. Our involvement typically continues throughout the contract drafting and sign-off, implementation, go-live, hyper-care, and successful operation stabilisation.

Carrying out a change of 3PL requires not only focusing on the “new” but above all, managing the project as a whole, including a robust migration plan from the previous operator. We have the practical skills to carry out ambitious and challenging transformation programmes. With decades of experience in this field, we know precisely how to manage exit and start-up risk proactively from basic to very complex and large-scale operations.

Tender Stages

Our tested approach is broken down into the following stages:

Important Considerations

Whether you choose a cooperation model to be “closed book” (activity-based tariffs) or “open book”, our Quotation Model (QM) allows you to gather transparent and easily compare offers from participating 3PLs, with excellent insights on the costing elements and logic. Using our tested QM toolset, we link the individual cost drivers to labour/equipment productivity and usage of space, materials and external services. The input costs and applied mark-ups are fully transparent at every stage of the tender.

The above approach reduces the risk of selecting a partner who "forgot" to include important elements of the offer, making it look cheaper! 3PLs appreciate working with us and using our methodology, as it helps them to avoid entering into an unprofitable contract by mistake or omissions.

Our Involvement

We frequently directly lead or facilitate negotiation process on behalf of our clients. We also feel comfortable to support the client’s procurement/logistics teams from the “back-seat” – the engagement model depends on our client’s preferences and/or availability of the client's resources.

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Case Studies

Selected Projects

Comprehensive tender management for warehouse and e-com fulfilment in Poland and Italy

Negotiations, contracting 3PL responsible for the organization of distribution transport for the leading retailer in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary

Transportation tender strategy, documentation and execution. Route planning.

Comprehensive tender, negotiations, contracting and implemetation of 3PL for warehousing and distribution

3PL tender (DC and transportartion, both domestic and international), negotiations and contracting, plus stock optimisation

Reconstruction of dry food and non food supply chain of leading Polish retailer. It included: planning, ordering, stock management warehouse location, tender management for new 3PL partner (DC and transportation) plus implementation support

3PL tender leading, negotiations and contracting (warehouse and transportation)

3PL tender leading (warehouse and transportation), negotiations and contracting

Negotiations, contracting 3PL responsible for warehousing and distribution transport, 3PL tender leading and contracting

We were designing and executing a competitive tender process and developing an ‘in house logistics’ cost model to prepare a fair and objective comparative business case for the stakeholders.

Reconstruction of dry food and non food supply chain of leading Polish retailer. Scope includes: planning, ordering, stock management warehouse location, tender management for new 3PL partner (DC and transportation) and implementation

Consolidation and streamlining of warehouse processes.. Select and contract new warehouse.

Select and contract 3PL for omnichannel DC (70.000 m2), select and contract automation vendor, implement selected solution.