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We provide comprehensive support in transportation, leveraging our extensive experience designing, optimizing and managing transportation networks. We assist our clients seeking improvements from a quality, efficiency and cost perspective.

Our client portfolio covers a wide range of sectors – from dry, fresh and frozen food, consumer packaged goods (CPG / FMCG), automotive and industrial goods, manufacturers, to traditional and online retailers.

Graphene Partners has hands-on experience in FTL and LTL transportation optimization and solutions for efficient last-mile distribution such as direct-to-store delivery, Vanselling and home/two-man delivery. We have also worked with dedicated and 4PL solutions, cross-docking and inbound consolidation platforms.

Our engagement in the process includes:

Express Audit of Transportation Operations

Often the process begins with an express audit of the transportation operation. Our experts analyze the current situation and, using their in-depth knowledge and experience, select the best benchmark for a comparable transportation system to examine and capture gaps in quality and cost.

At this stage, we identify the feasible and actionable elements that can lead to quick wins and generic optimisation (“work better”), and where applicable, we present the opportunities laying in more in-depth process reorganisation (“work differently”).

Transportation Mode Optimisation

If the Express Audit indicates sizable opportunities by “work differently”, we assess the transportation network in-depth. After collecting detailed transactional data about good movements, we build a model that serves as a research tool for further analysis and recommendations. During the assessment, we compare the existing network with the best market practices and cost drivers. Among the recommendations, we select the optimal allocation of shipments between different transport models, such as :

  • Courier
  • General cargo
  • LTL
  • FTL
  • Dedicated network
  • Cross-docking
  • Break-bulk
  • Inbound consolidation
  • 4PL solutions

Complex optimisation

For more complex optimisation, e.g. when the number and localisation of stockholding and cross-docking warehouses need to be verified, we offer the Network Design and Optimisation service.

Own Fleet Optimisation

Our team supports clients with optimising utilisation of their owned/leased fleet and problems with drivers’ working time. We also help with the decision process of “make or buy” dilemmas by providing our clients with the comprehensive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO Model).

Transportation Tender Management and Contracting

We support our clients in the procurement and negotiation process with the carriers, fleet manufacturers and providers.

The Most Common Reasons To Consider Our Support

  1. Optimisation of service and costs
  2. Inefficient use of transport capacity and fleet
  3. Unsatisfactory distribution efficiency and on-time performance
  4. Enlarging/decreasing the distribution range
  5. Relocation or establishment of new warehouses or distribution centres
  6. Conducting negotiations related to the selection of a new provider
  7. Support the implementation or project management of recommended changes
  8. Shortage of drivers
  9. Problems with drivers’ working time
  10. “Logistics minimum” not optimal

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Case Studies

Selected Projects

Negotiations, contracting 3PL responsible for the organization of distribution transport for the leading retailer in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary

Transportation tender strategy, documentation and execution. Route planning.

Redesign distribution & transportation strategy, design implementation plan for spoke and hub complex distribution

Comprehensive tender, negotiations, contracting and implemetation of 3PL for warehousing and distribution

Comprehensive 3PL audit and improvement programme for warehouse and transportation

3PL tender (DC and transportartion, both domestic and international), negotiations and contracting, plus stock optimisation

Transform field distribution from two separate categories and distributor model to unified 3PL-driven model. Outsource secondary fleet. Select & contract 3PLs.

Pan-European Primary Transport Tender (1.800 lanes)

Assets disinvestment and restructuring of last mile distribution

Procurement Logistics. Negotiations, contracting 3PL responsible for the organization of distribution transport for the leading retailer in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary

Preparation of a logistics strategy for 2017 – 2022. Benchmark of the existing solutions with best practices

Support during transportation tender. Tender documentation and strategy. Route planning.

Network modelling. Re-design of the location of transportation hubs

Graphene Partners is supporting a mid-sized regional 3PL to optimise their warehousing and transport operations and design a plan for profitable mid- and long-term growth, including support for Client relationship management and organisational re-design.

Graphene Partners redesigned warehouse processes and transport network design for a leading garden products producer and distributor, to deliver over 10% annual cost savings.

Reconstruction of dry food and non food supply chain of leading Polish retailer. Scope includes: planning, ordering, stock management warehouse location, tender management for new 3PL partner (DC and transportation) and implementation.

Negotiations, contracting 3PL responsible for warehousing and distribution transport, 3PL tender leading and contracting.

3PL tender leading (warehouse and transportation), negotiations and contracting

3PL tender leading, negotiations and contracting (warehouse and transportation).

3PL processes audit and improvement (warehouse and transportation)