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We have a wide range of skills and experience in supporting retailers from different sectors with their daily challenges.

We know that retailers face the challenges of difficult to predict demand and their customers’ increasing awareness and rapidly evolving shopping habits. To meet these challenges, retailers need to focus on agility, innovation and above all process efficiency and speed.

Retail supply chains are becoming ever faster and ever shorter. This makes new technologies and investment in supply chain and logistics process improvement an integral part of a well-functioning retail supply chain. 

Graphene Partners provide our clients with a professional and comprehensive supply chain advisory service. The improvements we help implement our clients stay at the forefront of developing trends in the retail market.

As a company, we have extensive experience in these industries, and our customers receive comprehensive assistance in analyzing and predicting product life cycles, efficiency in the supply chain (from production to delivery) and the ability to compete with online asset-light offerings, price and service.

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Case Studies

Selected Projects

  • Initiation of supplier’s logistics performance measurement and monitoring processimplementation
  • Defining set of KPI suppliers to be monitored against
  • Creation monitoring process
  • Complete European network design (5 DCs),
  • design and optimisation for omnichannel
  • development implementation approach and execution roadmap

Comprehensive tender management for warehouse and e-com fulfilment in Poland and Italy

Negotiations, contracting 3PL responsible for the organization of distribution transport for the leading retailer in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary

Transportation tender strategy, documentation and execution. Route planning.

Redesign distribution & transportation strategy, design implementation plan for spoke and hub complex distribution

Comprehensive tender, negotiations, contracting and implemetation of 3PL for warehousing and distribution

Comprehensive 3PL audit and improvement programme for warehouse and transportation

3PL tender (DC and transportartion, both domestic and international), negotiations and contracting, plus stock optimisation

Reconstruction of dry food and non food supply chain of leading Polish retailer. It included: planning, ordering, stock management warehouse location, tender management for new 3PL partner (DC and transportation) plus implementation support

Select and contract 3PL for omnichannel DC (70.000 m2), select and contract automation vendor, implement selected solution.

Process improvement and cost reduction of the central retail and e-com warehouse

Consolidation and streamlining of warehouse processes.. Select and contract new warehouse

Preparation of a logistics strategy for 2017 – 2022. Benchmark of the existing solutions with best practices

Support during transportation tender. Tender documentation and strategy. Route planning.

Network modelling. Re-design of the location of transportation hubs