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The FMCG market is still on the journey of seeking innovation, new packaging formats, shelf-ready units and better prices. The development and expansion of the market started facing many challenges from many different aspects, such as supply chain, inventory allocation, cost of delivery, or the e-commerce market.

At Graphene Partners, we have a specific skill-set combined with decades of experience to support FMCG companies, distributors and Logistics Service Providers to address all of these issues.

In this field, we support our clients by providing:

  • network design and optimisation
  • warehouse design and optimisation
  • contract manufacturing development
  • inventory optimisation
  • sales & operations planning implementation
  • customer services strategy
  • logistics strategy
  • “make or buy” decisions
  • tender management
  • suppliers network redesign
  • field services optimisation
  • warehouse automation
  • packaging optimization
Our tailored solutions offered to our clients resulted in significant benefits, including:

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Case Studies

Selected Projects

Establish automation programme of key warehouse facilities in five European countries using external financing.

“Least painful project I have ever seen in Russia” – (Russia, CEO)

To fulfil our Client’s needs, we redesigned their juice manufacturing network and helped them to step-reduce their assets to match the falling demand. Furthermore, we successfully redeployed production assets to other plants without impacting service.

To deliver and implement those solutions, we engaged in multiple processes, for instance:

  • SteerCo,
  • overall PM,
  • network design,
  • building business case,
  • alignment of the solution with stakeholders including Global CEO,
  • providing execution support for Engineering, CS&L, Supply Planning, Legal, HR/

As a result, we succeeded to deliver USD 6 mln OpEx reduction and USD 5 mln cost avoidance.

Transform field distribution from two separate categories and distributor model to unified 3PL-driven model. Outsource secondary fleet. Select & contract 3PLs.

We had the opportunity to support a global FMCG leader in Poland in transforming field distribution from two separate categories and distributor model to a unified 3PL-driven model. We were mainly responsible for outsourcing the secondary fleet and selecting and contracting 3PLs.

Our involvement in the process reflected in:

  • SteerCo,
  • overall PM,
  • 3PL negotiations lead,
  • end-to-end contract drafting.

Our engagement resulted in the CEO’s Award in 2012, USD 6mln p.a. OpEx reduction and inventory decrease of more than 20%.

For our Client, who is a European FMCG leader, we conducted a Pan-European Primary Transport Tender.

During this project, we engaged in:

  • overall PM,
  • execution of bidding process using PEP e-bid tools,
  • carrier negotiation,
  • update drafting of haulier agreements and negotiation for 4PL.

As a result, we achieved an outstanding 10% year on year savings on total spending.

Pan-European Primary Transport Tender (1.800 lanes)

Suport in Contract Manufacturing
procurement and management

Select and contract cans and PET bottler

Minimize cost of goods by optimizing packaging “removing unnecessary air from bags and cartons”.

Assets disinvestment and restructuring of last mile distribution

Procurement Logistics. Negotiations, contracting 3PL responsible for the organization of distribution transport for the leading retailer in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary

Supply chain business processes modeling and standardization. Implementation of different IT solutions (SAP, JDA, real time inventory control systems, voice picking) in different countries and locations (EMEA)

Our client portfolio includes leading FMCG companies on four continents which have benefitted from our support.