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A best-in-class modelling tool alone does not guarantee the correct result. If data is not queried through the lens of supply chain operational practice, if a structured process is not followed to achieve compatibility with volume forecasts and without a thorough understanding of the customer’s operating model, valuable time and effort can be spent without achieving a clear recommendation.

We have extensive experience in modelling supply chain networks for companies across industries and geographies, guiding clients through a well-defined process supported by IT. We use Siemens’ XCargo® for network modelling and optimisation, overlaid with our own set of Tableau® data models to aid in data visualization and deep-dive analysis. 

To provide timely and reliable insight into the real estate market and workforce availability, we work with global leaders in real estate consulting with networks in more than 80 countries. This provides a holistic approach to logistics and industrial real estate, closely intertwined but whose connection is often overlooked.

Supply chain and finance managers value our insights on financial modelling of the impact of service policies changes, such as lead times, complexity, inventory levels and product availability. In some industries, order visibility and reverse logistics also play an important role in the design.

Stage/Gate Process

Our proven approach is broken down into the following four-step process:

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Case Studies

Selected Projects

  • Complete European network design (5 DCs),
  • design and optimisation for omnichannel
  • development implementation approach and execution roadmap

Transportation tender strategy, documentation and execution. Route planning.

Redesign distribution & transportation strategy, design implementation plan for spoke and hub complex distribution

Transform field distribution from two separate categories and distributor model to unified 3PL-driven model. Outsource secondary fleet. Select & contract 3PLs.

Redesign Juice manufacturing network, step-reduce assets to match falling demand. Redeploy production assets to other plants without impacting service

Complete European network design (5 DCs), optimise for omnichannel, propose implementation approach and prepare for execution

Network modelling. Re-design of the location of transportation hubs

Graphene Partners redesigned warehouse processes and transport network design for a leading garden products producer and distributor, to deliver over 10% annual cost savings.